Fine Dining


Sword fish carpaccio with flesh of orange & grapefruit, fennel slices dressed with citrus oil
Delicate salad with valerian leaves, baby rocket, escarole, cherry tomatoes & Greek blue crab meat dressed with pomegranate vinaigrette
Grilled sea bass fillets on buckwheat couscous, seasoned with Greek herbs & bouillabaisse sauce
Apple pie with crisp crust, vanilla ice cream & butterscotch


“Reconstructed” Greek salad
(peeled tomato slices, cucumber tagliatelle, grilled green pepper, onion, Cretan soft goat cheese & sun-dried tomato dressing)
Beetroot gazpacho with Greek yogurt, garlic confit & horseradish sprouts
Tender veal fillet with celeriac cream & wild mushroom chutney
Chocolate tart with fresh strawberries & almond croquants

The above menus are just a guide, for you to have an idea. Get in touch for more proposals!